Horsley Lodge Golf Club

Course Status

Horsley Winter Course: Course open: Holes 10 to 18 then 1 to 3, trolleys allowed but carrying is preferred. Please continue to use you winter mat. Competition: 9 hole Stableford.
Horsley Summer course:

Entrant List for Captains' Charity AM-AM

99 players have been signed up for this competition as of 5:48 PM Sunday 14th April

Michael Abrahamsen (Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club)
Eddie Babb (16.0)
Ian Bentley (14.8)
Robert Biggins (Hillsborough)
Neil Bolton (Cavendish Golf Club)
Harry Bradford (14.4)
Paul Burrell (Sudbrook Moor)
Steven Butt (Chevin Golf Club)
Cliff Christie (Hillsborough)
Trevor Clarence (Ormonde Fields Golf Club)
Simon Collins (The Mount Golf & Country Club)
Justin Concannon (5.7)
Michael Costema (11.2)
Matthew Cramphorn (Leamington & County)
Michael Cramphorn (Enville)
Mary Crampton (19.0)
Paul A Cross (Kilworth Springs Golf Club)
David Culf (Hillsborough)
Andrew Daley (3.8)
Noel Davies (10.9)
Alister Dean (Cavendish Golf Club)
Chris Dix (Kilworth Springs Golf Club)
ELAINE DUCKER (Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club)
Allan Ensor (Hillsborough)
Steve Evans (The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club)
Ned Fahy (26.7)
Richard FLYNN (Ormonde Fields Golf Club)
Malcolm Forder (Cavendish Golf Club)
Christopher Gerrett (9.2)
David Gerrett (11.0)
Bob Gibbs (19.3)
Martin Gilraine (6.8)
Wayne Green (7.9)
David Greenwell (23.7)
Graham Gregory (Hillsborough)
Ian Gretton (Hillsborough)
Stephen Guess (Hillsborough)
Ken Hall (Cavendish Golf Club)
Colin Hart (24.7)
Jamie Hill (5.1)
YVONNE HOYES (The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club)
Martin Hunt (Tankersley Park)
Micheal Jenkins (The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club)
TRACEY JENKINS (The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club)
Michael Jonas (Tankersley Park)
Paul Jonas (Tankersley Park)
Philip Jonas (Tankersley Park)
George Kettrick (Kilworth Springs Golf Club)
Mark Kirk (The Mount Golf & Country Club)
Daryl Bubba Kitson (The Mount Golf & Country Club)
Teresa Lea (Marriott Breadsall Priory GC Golf Club)
Stewart Lynch (Shirley)
Stuart Mann (Marriott Breadsall Priory GC Golf Club)
Timothy Mappin (Hillsborough)
Kevin Matthewson (Hillsborough)
Fraser McIntosh (10.5)
John McNeilly (11.3)
John McSpadyen (Sudbrook Moor)
Gavin Mennell (Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club)
JO MENNELL (Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club)
Barry Naylor (Hillsborough)
Darren Nicholson (Sudbrook Moor)
Andy Norton (Chesterfield Golf Club)
Gerald O'Rielly (Marriott Breadsall Priory GC Golf Club)
Mark Oakes (Cavendish Golf Club)
Mike Oakes (Cavendish Golf Club)
Carl Pagden (Hillsborough)
Robert James Palmer (Kilworth Springs Golf Club)
Adam Parker (The South Staffordshire)
Ian Pynegar (11.0)
Karen Read (Marriott Breadsall Priory GC Golf Club)
kevin reid (Shirley)
Daniel Reidy (Sudbrook Moor)
Malcolm Richmond (8.1)
Simon Richmond (3.7)
Duncan Shepherd (Hillsborough)
J Sherwin (Notts Golf Club)
Barrie Skinner (Hillsborough)
Graham Smith (The South Staffordshire)
Ron Smith (Hillsborough)
Mark Spriggs (Hillsborough)
Gary K. Stuart (22.0)
Geoff Teeling (11.7)
John THURMAN (Ormonde Fields Golf Club)
David Tomblin (Hillsborough)
Philip Truran (Shirley)
Chan Virk (The Mount Golf & Country Club)
John Walker (14.1)
Thomas Webber (Shirley)
Alan Webster (Cavendish Golf Club)
Geoff Webster (Crewe Golf Club)
Robert Webster (8.2)
Stephen Whalley (Cavendish Golf Club)
Stephen Christopher Winnard (Chesterfield Golf Club)
Paul Winson (Marriott Breadsall Priory GC Golf Club)
Ben Woodcock (7.8)
David Woods (13.5)
Martin Wright (Gullane)

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