Horsley Lodge Golf Club

Course Status

Horsley Summer course: 17 Holes open. Hole 6 closed for drainage work, please miss the 6th hole and walk to the 7th hole. Buggies, Trolleys and Rascals allowed.

Horsley Lodge Limited and Horsley Lodge Golf Club

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Rules and Membership Terms and Conditions.

Horsley Lodge Ltd reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior warning.

Horsley Lodge Ltd is a proprietary members club affiliated to England Golf.

Acceptance of an application by Horsley Lodge Ltd constitutes a contract of membership of the club between Horsley Lodge Ltd and the applicant/s subject to these terms and conditions. Club membership is conditional upon the observance of these terms and conditions (and any local terms and conditions in force), which are applicable to club membership.

Horsley Lodge Ltd retains absolute discretion in accepting or rejecting any application for membership without prejudice or ascribing any reason for so doing.

1. The following nine categories of membership exist and may be available to join: –

Full Membership

A full member may play golf at all permitted times seven days a week and may book start times up to 29 days in advance, subject to availability. In addition he/she shall have full use of all Clubhouse facilities during the opening hours and the option to enter all club competitions subject to the individual competition rules.

Six Day Membership

A Six day members may play golf at all times Sunday to Friday (excludes Saturdays), including statutory bank holidays and may book start times up to 29 days in advance, subject to availability. In addition he/she shall have full use of all Clubhouse facilities during the opening hours and the option to enter all club competitions subject to the individual competition rules.

Five Day Membership

A five day member may play golf at all permitted times Monday to Friday (excludes Saturdays & Sundays), including statutory bank holidays and may book start times up to 29 days in advance, subject to availability. In addition he/she will have full use of the Clubhouse facilities seven days a week. He/she, may only enter midweek or open competitions subject to the individual competition rules.

Founder Member

Founder Members (full, 6 or 5 day) who joined the club at its inception before 1990 and receive 10% discount in annual fees.

30 years & Under Membership

A 30 years & Under Membership may play golf at all permitted times seven days a week and may book start times up to 29 days in advance, subject to availability. In addition he/she shall have full use of all Clubhouse facilities during the opening hours and the option to enter all club competitions subject to the individual competition rules.

25 years & Under Membership

A 25 years & Under Membership may play golf at all permitted times seven days a week and may book start times up to 29 days in advance, subject to availability. In addition he/she shall have full use of all Clubhouse facilities during the opening hours and the option to enter all club competitions subject to the individual competition rules.

Junior Membership.

Junior Members (male or female over 8 years but under 18 at 1st April) may use the facilities 7 days a week, but will be obliged to observe any special bye laws with particular reference to the Club’s Child Protection Policy. Under 18’s may NOT sign in adult members at the nominated member’s guest rate. (see Appendix X) –

Prime Membership.

Prime membership runs from 1st April to the 30th September.

On the 30th September accounts will be disabled until the subscription is renewed.

You can upgrade your 5 Day Prime to a 5 Day Full Subscription for the difference in cost.

You can upgrade your 6 Day Prime to a 6 Day Full Subscription for the difference in cost.

You can upgrade your 7 Day Prime to a 7 Day Full Subscription for the difference in cost.

If you would like to move from Prime to Full Membership there is a £375 administration fee.

It is the right of Horsley Lodge Ltd to approve or disapprove any category changes.

Corporate Membership.

All Corporate Members and guests must sign in with the Pro-shop before entering the course.

Corporate Members must book their allotted tee times directly with the Pro-shop and not through the online booking system.

It is the Corporate Members responsibility to make sure that using their allocated tee slots are marked off their card by the Pro-shop – anyone trying to get away without using their card appropriately may be asked to forfeit their next month’s allocation.

Corporate Membership categories are fixed and no exceptions can be made after you have chosen the category with the exception of upgrading or downgrading with 3 months’ notice.

It is the right of Horsley Lodge Ltd to approve or disapprove any category changes.

All Corporate members are allocated a ‘pre agreed’ number of golf rounds a month / year depending on the membership package type.

Unused tee times cannot be carried forward- monthly or yearly.

Maximum of four players is permissible at any one time.

Bookings of 8 or more players will be treated as a society and bookings must be made via

Corporate Members will only be allowed to use the corporate rounds entitlement for a Corporate Member and three guests as part of a society booking (4 in total)

Two different Corporate Members are not allowed to pool tee times and form a group of 8 or more – Bookings of 8 or more players will be treated as a society and bookings must be made via

Corporate Members do not qualify for buggy price reductions – price reductions may be considered on the grounds of medical necessity (subject to weather conditions) but must be pre-authorised by Horsley Lodge Ltd with a doctor’s note for verification.

Corporate Members cannot enter club competitions at Horsley Lodge.

Corporate Members are not eligible to gain a Handicap Certificate.

5-day Members weekday tee times are subject to availability.

7-day Members weekend and weekday tee times are subject to availability.

Corporate Membership is non-transferable without prior permission from Horsley Lodge Ltd.

Corporate Members will have a priority option to sponsor one hole on the Course at an additional cost with the tee board signage to be provided by member at cost to the member.

Corporate Membership can be used in conjunction with Full Membership as long as it abides by the terms and conditions set out by both categories.

Corporate Members will receive a Loyalty Card (1 per membership) for use at Horsley Lodge.

Discounts on our Meeting and Conference rooms are available for Corporate Members based on availability.

Horsley Lodge Ltd reserves the right to refuse golf and tee times at any time without prior notice.

Horsley Lodge Ltd reserves the right to suspend Corporate Membership if the privilege is being abused or not abiding by the terms and conditions.

Horsley Lodge Ltd reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior warning.

The terms and conditions are available at:

2. Concessionary rates will be available for juniors and families at the discretion of Horsley Lodge.

3. Horsley Lodge Ltd reserves the right to introduce, delete or amend categories of membership on an annual basis. Full details of each category of membership are set out in available club literature.

4. Horsley Lodge Ltd shall fix the membership subscription. Fees will be paid annually in advance or in monthly instalments by Direct Debit. The subscription fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Any changes to the subscription fee will be notified to members on an annual basis with a minimum of two weeks’ notice in writing. Membership may be renewed by payment to the club of the appropriate annual subscription fee in force. Horsley Lodge Ltd, however reserve the right to refuse renewal of a membership without ascribing any reason for so doing. Where applicable, joining fees and subscription fees include VAT at the standard rate. Joining fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full at the commencement of membership. Horsley Lodge Ltd may terminate without prior written notice the membership of any member who falls in arrears with monthly payments in excess of 30 days.

In the event of injury or illness preventing a subscribed member from using Horsley Lodge Ltd facilities; Horsley Lodge Ltd does not offer any discounts.

In the event of extended periods away from Horsley Lodge Ltd for work, social or domestic reasons Horsley Lodge Ltd does not offer any discounts.

5. New members shall be accepted into the Club on completion of an application form and payment of the subscription fee (or completion of a direct debit form) and joining fee relevant to their category. Horsley Lodge Ltd shall have the final decision in relation to the appointment of all new members. The membership shall become active upon payment of the appropriate entrance fee and annual subscription. All new members agree to be bound by the Members Constitution and these Rules of the Golf Club and agree to attend a new member meeting when called.

6. Members of the club will be provided with a membership card and bag tag, which will remain the property of Horsley Lodge Ltd and must be returned to the club on cessation or suspension of membership. Loss of these items should be reported immediately to club reception.

All members shall keep Horsley Lodge Ltd up to date with any changes in personal details, including address, telephone numbers etc. All changes shall be provided in writing.

7. Members are entitled to use the facilities of the club available under the relevant category of membership. Horsley Lodge Ltd reserve the right to withdraw all or any part of such facilities on a temporary or permanent basis when such facilities are required to be closed for inclement weather, repair, maintenance, development, Government forced closures or alteration work. Members and their guests use all facilities at their own risk.

8. The course will be open for play from 7.00am or first light whichever is the latter, until dusk subject to weather and ground conditions. The Clubhouse will be open half an hour before the first tee off time through to 11.00pm. The Proprietor may, at his discretion, vary the opening hours of the Clubhouse and Half Way House in response to business patterns and/or weather. Wherever possible any change will be posted on the Club notice boards or via email.

9. The Proprietor may at his discretion close the course for annual maintenance for up to 5 days in each year.

10. Buggies, electric and pull trolleys are permitted for use but may be restricted from time to time in accordance with assessment of ground conditions and the guidelines set out by the Head Green-keeper. Members will be notified of the changes in advance as soon as possible after the decision has been made.

11. The course will operate as a three or four-ball course. Horsley Lodge Ltd., reserve the right to make games up to four-balls at busy times.

12. All golfers must check in before play and are advised to arrive at least ten minutes ahead of their start time. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate late arrivals, it may not be possible to gain access to the course if times are unavailable.

13. The rules of the game of golf adapted from time to time by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews shall apply to play at Horsley. Horsley Lodge Ltd shall set the standards of dress and etiquette for both the course and Clubhouse. More details appear in club handbook and notices on the Club notice board for adherence to by all members and visitors.

14. Horsley Lodge Ltd reserve the right to refuse admission or cancel membership immediately if any member shall in the opinion of the senior staff member on duty cause nuisance or annoyance to other club users or club staff. In the event of cancellation of membership, joining fees and subscriptions shall not be refunded.

15. If a member is asked to leave by Horsley Lodge Ltd for any reason it is our policy that they will not be allowed back anywhere on the premises under any circumstance for a minimum of two years after which they can apply in writing to come back as a visitor, guest or member.

16. All members intending to resign their membership shall do so in writing, notifying the Membership Office at least one month prior to membership renewal. No refund will be granted on subscription or joining fee.

17. Any member who is in material or persistent breach of the Membership Constitution or these Club Rules shall be liable to have all their rights of membership suspended by Horsley Lodge Ltd for such time it considers appropriate. In the event of a continual breach of competition rules or inappropriate behaviour during Club Competitions or whilst representing the Club, the Club Committee may suspend any member for a period of time from these events, the secretary advising Horsley Lodge Ltd of such action. Whilst suspended a member shall remain liable for payment of all dues. A suspended member shall be given the right of representation and an explanation prior to any imposed suspension.

18. Horsley Lodge Ltd may expel from the Club any member whose conduct, is injurious to the character, goodwill or interests of The Club or renders the member unfit to be associated with members of the Club. If the Club Committee so requires, in relation to any member, Horsley Lodge Ltd. shall investigate the behaviour in conjunction with the club committee, of any member and consider whether that member shall be expelled from the Club. The club committee must not act in anyway by themselves which might prejudice the company or cause it financial loss. An expelled member shall forfeit all rights of the membership category.

19. Guests may be introduced by members of the club subject to the approval of club staff. Guests must be accompanied by the member at all times, be signed in and pay the appropriate green fee. The member will assume responsibility for ensuring that guests abide by club rules and codes of behaviour.

20. Members may sign in up to three guests per day subject to payment of the appropriate green fee prior to the commencement of the round. A member is allowed to bring as many guests as they like but can only bring the same guest for a maximum of six times per subscription year. A member whose guest plays without the payment of a green fee on the day shall be reprimanded and the guest shall be barred

21. With the exception of guide dogs or hearing dogs for the deaf, pets should not be brought on to the golf course.

22. All members and guests must enter the premises at the appropriate entrance point only. Members should make themselves aware of appropriate emergency exit points and procedures and be prepared to use these and follow staff instructions in the event of an emergency.

23. The club cannot accept liability for members’ cars, the contents of vehicles or other properties, which are bought to the club at the member’s, own risk. Horsley Lodge Ltd’s liability for damage or loss of members and guests’ property is strictly limited to any damage or loss caused directly as a result of the negligence of Horsley Lodge Ltd, its staff or agents. Any item of lost/found property unclaimed for a period greater than 3 months may be disposed of.

Horsley Lodge Ltd recommends that its members take out their own insurance to cover potential liabilities whilst taking part in golf related activities.

24. Any member or guest who suffers an accident on club premises or grounds must report the circumstances and details of the accident/incident to the senior staff member on duty immediately. Horsley Lodge Ltd cannot accept any liability for any accident to a member or guest other than liability that may arise from the negligence of Horsley Lodge Ltd.

25. The member is financially liable to Horsley Lodge Ltd for annual membership fees and any goods and services used at the club from time to time. Horsley Lodge Ltd shall not be responsible for damage, injury or loss occurring as a result of an act or omission of any member or visitor to Horsley Lodge Ltd. A member or visitor shall indemnify Horsley Lodge against any such liability. Any member or visitor who makes use or accepts use of any facility or service at Horsley Lodge shall do so at their own risk, provided that Horsley Lodge Ltd is not proved negligent in its provision. Horsley Lodge Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss of play due to inclement weather conditions resulting in course closures.

26. Horsley Lodge Ltd whose decision shall be final and binding shall determine any dispute or difference, which may arise in regard to interpretation of these rules.

27. Management of the club and facilities is controlled by Horsley Lodge Ltd who require members and guests to comply with any reasonable directions given to ensure the smooth operation of the club.

28. The Horsley Lodge Golf Club Members Constitution, which is subservient to these rules, sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Officers of Horsley Lodge and the process for election.

29. Members Loyalty Cards: Club membership ‘loyalty’ card can only be used to purchase products at the bar or pro shop and cannot be exchanged for cash. Any monetary value on members cards will be deemed void 28 days from the member leaving the club. Any vouchers not used within 12 months of issue or by their expiry date will be deemed void and of no value.

30. Members and their guests must only park in designated parking areas; they must not park in allocated and named parking bays. In the event of damage to another vehicle they must notify reception of the damage.

31. Whilst on the course or other golfing associated areas, members and their guest must follow the instruction of green staff, course marshals and any official Horsley Lodge Ltd / Horsley Lodge Golf Club notices.

32.  Social media and networking  

  • Do not make any social media communications that could damage any member of our staff or business interests’ reputation, directly or indirectly of HLGC.
  • If you require to comment on Horsley Lodges social media posts in a social media environment, you must seek approval for such communication from the Management of HLGC, who will impose certain requirements and restrictions regarding your activities.
  • Likewise, if you are copied into comments about any of our staff or business for publication anywhere, including in any social media outlet, on responding you are complicit to the comments and could be liable.

33.  Guidelines for responsible use of social media

  • Be respectful to others when making any statement on social media and be aware that you are personally responsible for all communications which will be published on the internet for anyone to see.
  • If you are uncertain or concerned about the appropriateness of any statement or posting, refrain from posting it until you have discussed it with the Management of HLGC.
  • If you see social media content that disparages or reflects poorly on our staff, members, or business, please contact the Management of HLGC immediately.

Members Constitution

1. Name

The name of the Club shall be Horsley Lodge (“the Club”)
The Club is a Proprietary Club and the proprietor is Horsley Lodge Ltd (The Proprietor)

2. Objectives

The Club is formed to provide members and guests with a Golf Club for the enjoyment of golf, social and associated activities.

3. Conduct of the game

a) The members will abide by the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status as laid down by the R&A and the rules of the appropriate Golf Unions and Associations

b) The Club agrees to comply with the Council of National Golf Unions regulations and Rules of the SSS and Handicapping scheme (and any conditions imposed within the scheme by England golf.

c) Subscriptions for all governing bodies will be collected by the Proprietor at membership renewal and forwarded to the relevant bodies.

4. Membership

a) All rates and categories of membership are set at the sole discretion of the Proprietor and fees are payable on an annual basis by such methods as offered by the Proprietor.

b) All new members shall be required, in addition to their subscription, to pay a joining fee as set by the Proprietor.

c) Members shall have all the rights and privileges of their individual membership. All members shall have the right to play in Club Competitions at such times as their category of membership shall allow, and to which they are eligible.

d) Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must ensure they conform to the current Club Rules.

e) Honorary memberships are solely at the discretion of the Proprietor and shall have all the rights and privileges of the category of membership allocated.

f) All matters relating to the election, resignation, suspension or expulsion of members are referred to in The Club Rules.

5. Club Rules

This members’ constitution is issued in addition to the current Horsley Lodge Ltd Rules and should be read in conjunction with the rules. The club rules may be amended from time to time as required by the Proprietor. In any area of conflict, the Club Rules will take precedence.

6. Conduct

a) All members shall show courtesy and consideration to all other members and visitors whilst using the facilities at the club.
b) No member shall be allowed to rebuke, direct or abuse a member of staff. Any complaints/suggestions about the services provided must be directed to senior management or the Proprietor.
c) All members and their guests are required to abide by the dress code as published on the Club notice board.
d) All members and their guests are to abide by local rules both on and off the course as determined by the Proprietors and/or approved by Committee

7. The Club Officers and Committees:

There are a total of 4 committees:

The Management Committee
The Club Committee
The Men’s Committee
The Ladies Committee

A) The Management Committee:

There will be a management Committee which will meet at least 2 times a year and oversee matters of interest to both club and proprietors. Any 5 members will form a quorum and membership will consist of the following:

* A Chairman who will be a Proprietor of the Company
* Up to 3 other Proprietors or nominees of the company.
* The secretary/ treasurer of the Club
* The Captain and Lady Captain
* The President

3 members (at least 1 from the men’s committee and 1 from the ladies committee, who will be the 2year committee members voted on at the AGM or if not available chosen by the respective Captain and made known to the proprietor beforehand)

Powers of the Management Committee

The Management Committee will control the management, regulation and organisation of the internal affairs of the club. The Management Committee can make or revoke bye-laws, binding on all members, consistent with the constitution or rules of the club. The proprietors may at any time alter or vary such powers.

B) Club Officers.

The Club Officers are the President, Captain, Secretary/Treasurer, Lady Captain, Vice Captain, Lady Vice Captain and Immediate past captains.

C) The Club Committee.

i) Club Committee: The members of the Club shall, through elections at the Annual General Meeting, form a Club Committee. The Committee shall comprise the following officers:

Club Captain (chair), Vice-Captain, Ladies Captain, Lady Vice-Captain, Secretary /Treasurer and President.
In addition, one elected member from the men’s committee and one elected member from the ladies’ committee shall serve for 2 years. The selection of these members will be based on the highest number of votes received at the respective AGM. The club captain shall select the course liaison officer who will serve club and men’s committee with full voting rights.

ii) Responsibilities of the Club Committee.

The Club Committee will be ultimately responsible for the administration, finance and control of all playing matters of the Golf Club within the rules of golf as laid down by the R&A, England Golf and CONGU, and within the current Club Rules. The Club Committee will make arrangements as they deem necessary for carrying out these responsibilities.

The Club Committee may from time to time empower sub committees (consisting of The Captain, Secretary/Treasurer, and at least 3 past captains) or “working parties” to discharge some or any of its responsibilities for the workings of the club or to produce reports and recommendations for the Club Committee to consider.

The Club Committee will from time to time agree and publish rules and procedures for its operations and agree any rules and procedures necessary for the committees of sections of the Club. All decisions of the Club Committee will be binding upon all members of The Golf Club.
The Vice-Captain, Lady Vice-Captain and secretary will in a timely manner produce a diary of events for their year in office. (400 diaries will be made up and subsequently made available for members until this option is available on line).

iii) Finance

The Club will be responsible for generating its own funds in any way and approved by the Management Committee.

The Club Committee will, through its representatives and officers liaise with the Management in the areas of golf administration. This will include starting times and arrangements for competitions, course requirements, etiquette and discipline of members, booking systems and the Rules in general.
The Committee shall meet as frequently as it considers necessary but not less than three times per annum.

The Club Captain shall be Chairman of the Committee. A quorum for these meetings shall be four persons, to include the Club Captain and questions raised at these meetings will be decided by a majority of votes. In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.

In the event of the Club Captain being absent from a Club Committee meeting the Ladies Captain or in the case of both their absences the Club Vice captain shall chair the meeting.

Minutes shall be taken of all such meetings by the Secretary, or other of the committee so appointed. A copy of these minutes shall be provided to The Proprietor.

The Proprietor shall be advised of the dates of all Committee meetings which shall be held on Club premises, subject to meeting room availability. The Proprietor or designated deputy may attend any such meeting.

The above will be the extent of the Powers and Responsibilities of The Club Committee.

Appointment of Officers to the Club Committee:

President (ex officio)

The President shall be appointed by the proprietors and hold office for as long as they decide.

The Club Captain (a full member) shall take office at the AGM following a year in office as Vice Captain (a full member).

The Vice Captain: A quorum of 7 of 10 Past Captains, who are current members, in meeting with existing Captain and Vice Captain,( who does not have a vote), choose the new Vice Captain by a majority vote, in the event of a tied vote the Vice Captain will have a choice and select the preferred nominee. Their choice needs the approval of the Proprietors, (who have the right to veto). One name will then be put to the AGM for approval.

Lady Captain: Will take office at the Ladies’ AGM having been appointed Lady Vice Captain at the previous AGM.

Lady Vice Captain: Shall be chosen by the Lady Captain in office, Lady Vice Captain in office, and 3 past Lady Captain’s, who are current members. Their choice must be approved by both the Ladies Committee and the Proprietors, (who have the right to veto).

Secretary / Treasurer: Shall hold office for a minimum of 2 years having been nominated and approved by the club committee and put to the management for approval. The club will pay the secretary an honorarium equal to a full membership subscription plus equal amounts from the Ltd company and the Golf Club.

Selection for nomination to the post will be a joint committee set up of 3 members of the general committee and one proprietor following an application notice displayed on the club notice board for a minimum period of 7 days asking for volunteers all of whom are to be considered for the position.

The term of office for the Club Captain and Vice Captains will be for one year running from the date of the AGM for twelve months thereafter.

Election of Committee members, other than the Captains and Vice Captains will take place at the AGM. A notice of the positions available will be posted on the Club notice board at least one month prior to the AGM. Members wishing to serve on the committee must be proposed and seconded by full 7 or 5 day members of at least one years standing, only full 7 or 5 day members can be elected.

Committee members shall hold office for a period of one or two years after which they can offer themselves for re-election.

A member of the Committee may at any time resign their office by giving notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary.

8. Men’s Section – Structure and Responsibilities

The Men’s Committee shall:

i. Be responsible for carrying out the policies laid down by the Club and The Proprietor, organising golf competitions and obtain support for social events, arranging inter-club matches, selecting teams to represent the Club, and liaising with the Proprietor on behalf of the members and vice versa in all matters pertaining to the above.

ii. Subject to its agreement undertake such other responsibilities as the Proprietor may from time to time delegate to it.

iii. Form Competitions and Handicaps sub committees. This Committee shall allocate handicaps in accordance with the handicapping scheme as laid down by the Council of National Golf Unions and, in agreement with the Proprietor, provide a framework (the Diary) of midweek and weekend competitions in keeping with the requirements of the membership.

iv. In Conjunction with the Proprietor to be responsible for ensuring all members adhere to the policies as laid down in the Constitution and Club Rules

v. Refer all matters outside of its jurisdiction to the Proprietor or a member of the Management Team

Handle members’ complaints/suggestions in relation to golf competitions

The Men’s Committee will consist of:-

The Captain, Secretary/treasurer, Vice Capt, Immediate past captain as ex officio member to serve for one year, the Seniors section Leader or his representative, 3 members duly proposed and seconded and elected at the AGM to serve 2 years, or one year depending on votes, the person with the most votes at the AGM will be the 2 year member,. In addition the captain will select and appoint the Match Secretary, Chair of Handicaps, Chair of Competitions, Junior organiser, and subject to management approval, a Course Liaison Officer; a total of 13.

Retiring members are eligible for re-election. The Club Captain shall chair the Committee Meetings (the vice captain in his absence) and six members shall form a quorum.

The committee will have the power to co-opt a member or members onto the committee as and when required:

To bring the committee up to strength (13) or
To fulfil a specific function within the club or
If a committee member holds more than one office.

Co-opted members will have full voting rights unless decided otherwise by the committee.

The Men’s Section Committee shall have responsibility for the administration, finance and control of all playing matters relating to the Men’s Section, (including juniors) subject to 7c above, particularly in implementing the special CONGU requirements.

The Captain, Secretary/treasurer, committee heads, match secretary, seniors representative and course liaison officer will report on activities at each committee meeting since the last meeting of their areas of responsibility

a) Finance

The Men’s Section Committee will be responsible for generating its own funds from sources approved by the Club Committee only. Areas of generation could conceivably be open meetings, raffles, competitions, (or by a member(s) specifically so named) and sanctioned by the Club Committee. A statement of accounts will be presented at the Men’s AGM.

b) Competitions.

Competitions and tournaments shall be arranged by the Men’s Section Competition Committee in consultation with the “Company” and sanctioned by the Club Committee. All such competitions shall conform to established rules of the chosen format. (See “Structure and Responsibilities of the Men’s Competition” Committee February 1995). UPDATE DUE. See Appendix A.

c) Handicaps.

The administration of handicapping procedures shall be the responsibility of the Handicaps Chairman and Committee. The handicaps of all male members for whom Horsley Lodge is their home club will be held by the Club and will be displayed and adjusted as required in accordance with the standard scratch score and CONGU handicapping scheme. A certificate of handicap shall be available to all male members. (See “Structure and Responsibilities of the Men’s Handicap Committee” February 1995) UPDATE DUE. See Appendix B.

d) The Junior Section.

Administration of the Junior Section shall be in the hands of the Junior Organiser(s) duly appointed by the Club Captain and sanctioned by the Club Committee and a monthly report on the activities of the section shall be submitted by the Organiser(s) to the Men’s Committee. (Female juniors will be the responsibility of the Ladies’ Section)

e) The Senior Section.

A senior’s leader will be elected by the seniors section at its AGM (approval by the Club Captain), the Seniors leader will form and chair a seniors committee.

The committee will be elected at the Seniors AGM nominations for which will be advertised 28 days before the AGM on the club notice board and election will be based on number of votes.

The seniors committee will consist of an Administrator, Treasurer and Competition and Match Organiser.

The Seniors Leader will present to the Men’s committee a report including a financial statement.

The Seniors Leader will formulate a diary of events which will be passed to the Club Secretary in a timely manner for inclusion in the Club Diary.
(See “Structure and Responsibilities of the Senior’s Support Committee” February 1995) UPDATE DUE. See Appendix C.

9. LADIES’ SECTION – Structure and Responsibilities.

The Ladies’ Section Committee shall have responsibility for the administration, finance and control of all playing matters relating to the Ladies’ Section (including junior girls), which is an integral part of Horsley Lodge Golf Club, particularly in implementing the England Golf requirements.

Officers and Committee

These will consist of the Lady Captain, Lady Vice Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Handicap Secretary, Competition Secretary as officers of the Ladies Section. In addition four Committee members duly proposed, seconded and elected at the AGM to serve 2 years and 1 year according to the votes to maintain continuity. Retiring members are eligible for re-election. The Immediate Past Captain shall remain as an ex-officio Committee member for ensuing year.

A Course liaison contact will be selected by the Lady Captain either from the elected Committee members or from the general membership of the Ladies’ Section. This contact will liaise with the Course Liaison Officer over matters of interest to the Ladies Section which concern the course.

A sheet to receive the nominations for election of four officers positions, Secretary, Treasurer, Handicap Secretary, Competition Secretary and four elected members of the Committee shall be posted in the Clubhouse 21 days before the Ladies’ AGM and nominations proposed and seconded shall be made thereon no later than 7 days before the AGM. In the event of more than one nomination for any officer’s position a vote will take place at the AGM.

Also, if more than four 7 day members are nominated, a vote to elect those members will be taken at the AGM. Only every Full 7 day member, Founder member, Ordinary member, Five-day member, Life member and Prime member shall be entitled to be present to vote.

No member may serve on the Committee if she is an elected member or an ex-officio member on the Committee of any other golf club.

Any permanent vacancies in the Committee shall be filled by the Committee by the appointment of a duly qualified member, also, any unexplained absence from the Committee for three consecutive meetings by any Committee member, that member would be deemed as having resigned from the Committee and a duly qualified member be appointed. Every person so chosen shall retain her office only so long as the vacating member would have done if no vacancy had occurred.

At every meeting of the Committee the Captain shall preside as Chair, and if at such a meeting the Captain shall not be present then the Vice-Captain will chair the meeting otherwise the Lady Captain shall nominate one of their committee to be Chair.

All questions that shall be proposed or considered at any meeting of the Committee shall be determined by a majority of the votes of the members present. No member shall have more than one vote, except the Chair at the meeting who, in case of equality of votes shall have a second or casting vote.

The Committee may from time to time delegate any of their power to a sub-committee and recall or revoke the same. The Committee may appoint any of the members, not being members of the Committee, to act with and to form any part of any sub-committee appointed by them. The Captain shall be an ex-officio member of any such sub-committee.

The Committee shall have placed before them for confirmation the minutes of all sub-committees.

A member of the Committee may at any time resign her office by giving notice in writing to the Secretary.

The Lady Captain shall be responsible for appointing Silver and Bronze team captains and working with the Men’s Captain and or Men’s Match secretary to arrange mixed interclub matches.

The Competition Secretary shall make all arrangements in accordance with the determination of the Committee.

a) Finance

The financial year shall end on October 31st. A statement of accounts will be presented at the Ladies AGM and submitted to the Club Treasurer for presentation at the AGM of the Club. Club Treasurer shall have access to the Ladies’ section accounts on request

b) Handicaps.
The administration of handicapping procedures shall be the responsibility of the Ladies Committee. The handicaps of all female members will be held by the Club and will be displayed and adjusted as required in accordance with standard scratch score and CONGU handicapping scheme. A certificate of handicap shall be available to all female members.

The Ladies’ Committee shall discipline any lady member not complying with the Rules of the Club, golf or the etiquette thereof as down in Club procedures. See Appendix E for procedures for running Ladies Section.

10. The Annual General Meeting

An annual general meeting shall be held in November or March dependent upon circumstances, e.g. Covid-19 restrictions and in such circumstances can be held on line via a conference call each year. The AGM shall be chaired by The Club Captain.

The Annual General Meeting will

a) Be notified one month in advance to all members by a notice placed on the Club notice board
b) Receive a report from the Club Captain in relation to the Committee’s activities during the previous year.
c) Elect all members to serve on the Club Committee
d) Provide a forum for questions to the Club Captain, subject to questions being received in writing at least two weeks prior to the date of the AGM
e) Receive proposals for changes to this constitution. Any such changes can only be implemented in the case of a minimum seventy members being present. Any such change shall require the prior consent of The Proprietor and simple majority vote by members present at the AGM.
f) Be recorded by the Committee Secretary.

11. Extraordinary General Meeting

An extraordinary General Meeting may be called should members wish to discuss any matters.

An EGM may be called by a minimum 25% of the membership expressing a desire to do so.

The request for an EGM must be a written, signed document to The Proprietor, detailing the matter and issues to be raised.

Child Protection Policy

For the purpose of this policy the following definitions apply: –

Referred to as the Company: Horsley Lodge Limited is a private limited company which owns and manages the course and all facilities.
~ admits Members through receipt of a joining fee and an annual payment
~ makes a ‘contract’ for the provision of services which include: –
~ access to course and driving range
~ telephone booking
~ use of facilities including: –
~ changing room(s)
~ shop
~ is responsible for the health and safety of all members and visitors using the course and other facilities
~ provides support for ‘The Club’
~ including: –
~ office for secretary
~ some use of rooms for presentations / events
~ I.T. facilities
~ access to course for away players in matches and guests
~ access to and use of web site

Referred to as The Club. Horsley Lodge Golf Club consists of Members of Horsley Lodge admitted by the Company
~ acts through its officers and committees to represent the interests of members
~ receives an administration levy collected from all members by The Company to cover an honorarium for a secretary, club expenses and local and national affiliations
~ sets up a club structure through volunteers to: –
~ run a men’s section, a ladies’ section, a junior’s section and a senior’s section
~ deal with matters of club discipline
~ organise competitions and the provision of prizes and trophies
~ arrange matches
~ administer a handicap system in accordance with CONGU rules
~ organise social functions
~ liaise with local and national organisations for the provision of ‘normal’ member services

The term children applies to all young people admitted to Horsley Lodge who are under the age of 18 years. For the purpose of this policy a junior ceases to be classed as child once they reach the age of 18.

The term Parent applies to all parents, carers or other adults acting in ‘loco parentis’ to a child who is a member of Horsley Lodge. The parent may or may not themselves be a member of Horsley Lodge

This Policy and all the practices and procedures outlined in it have been agreed by The Company and The Club (date). All employees, volunteers, officers and members of Horsley Lodge are bound by its conditions.
All Parents and Children will be made aware of the Policy and will be expected to agree to follow all guidelines and procedures as a condition of entry to and continued membership of Horsley Lodge.

The Policy is based upon the recommendations set out in the document ‘Children in golf’ (CiG), produced by the ‘Children in Golf Strategy Group, the NSPCC and promoted by the EGU.
The Company and The Club are aware that they are required to adopt and use the CiG Policies and procedures and that this is a condition of affiliation for clubs in England.

A copy of ‘Children in golf’ will be kept by the Company and the Club as a reference and resource.

In order to meet the recommendations of the CiG Policy the following procedures and practices will be carried out at Horsley Lodge.


Admitting Children
When admitting children to membership The Company will:

• Advise and consult with the Junior Organiser(s) in the admissions process.
• Restrict use of the course until the Junior Organiser(s) are satisfied that the Junior member has passed a test of competency which will ensure that they can play on the course without hindrance to other members
• Collect through completion of a form (appendix …..) information necessary to fulfil its obligations to keep children safe and secure while on the Company’s premises or engaged in Club activities.

When admitting adults to membership The Company will

• Declare that it has a Child Protection Policy in line with CiG recommendations, make the policy available for inspection and require all members to sign a declaration to be bound by the procedures set out in the policy. This declaration will be contained within the form of application for membership.

The Company will:

• Maintain a database of all child members including a file of the information collected in 1 above.

• Establish and run a registration system so that all children (including guests) using the course and other facilities at any time, are known and their presence is recorded. The onus is on the individual child to record their arrival and departure from the course. This is referred to again later in this Policy.

• Allow parents to accompany and supervise their child(ren) while they are using the course or other facilities

• Appoint each Duty Manager to act as ‘Welfare Officer’ and carry out the duties of that post as set out in the CiG Policy. In particular this post-holder will need to directly manage the registration of children using the course and have access to medical and emergency contact information. The name of the Welfare Officer on duty each day will be prominently displayed in the reception area of the Club

• The Duty Manager in their role as Welfare Officer will be responsible for recording and reporting any incidents using the appropriate forms

• The Duty Manager will immediately report any incidents or allegations to the appropriate authorities (Police & NSPCC)

• The Company will provide training of staff as appropriate to ensure that they are able to carry out these duties. This training will be organised through the Children in Golf Organisation.

• Ensure that any junior members or other persons classified as children in terms of child protection legislation employed at the club are properly supervised and protected at all times.

• Immediately take such action as is necessary to protect the interests of any junior or other member in the case of a child protection issue.

• Ensure that the Club Secretary and the Junior Organiser(s) have an up to date record of all children admitted to the Club and have appropriate access to medical and emergency contact information.


The Club will:
• Adopt the CiG Policy and Procedures

• Will establish a ‘Junior Section’ to organise and arrange golfing activities for ‘junior’ members

• Will appoint a ‘Junior Organiser’ to manage the affairs of the Junior Section. The Junior Organiser will be a volunteer, appointed by the Captain. The Junior Organiser will be invited to attend Club committee meetings to report on Section activities and will be offered support by all such Committees.

• The Junior Organiser will liaise with the Lady Captain or other officer of the section with regard to activities for junior members who are girls

• The Junior Organiser will ensure that during organised events and activities the recommended practices and procedures are adopted with regard to child protection.

• The Club will ensure that the Junior Organiser and other volunteers are aware of the Club and CiG Child Protection Policy and procedures and receive the appropriate training and support in order for them to carry out their role

• The Junior Organiser(s) will be subject to a CRB check

• The Junior Organiser (or person acting on his/her behalf) will pass on any concerns or allegations to the Duty Manager for reporting to the appropriate authorities.

• The Club will advise members of their individual responsibilities for child protection in addition to any requirements placed upon them by the Company as a condition of membership

• These responsibilities include

~ To be aware of potential consequences and avoid situations where an adult is alone with child either on the course, in the changing rooms or in any other part of the premises
~ Modelling good behaviour and the proper etiquette of the game of golf
~ Promoting positive aspects of the game eg: fair play, honesty and respect for others
~ Refraining from the use of bad language or the promotion, by example, of activities injurious to good health (such as smoking or the excessive intake of alcohol)
~ Reporting to the Duty Manager or officer of the Club any concerns they have about the welfare of a junior member or any specific incidents which may have occurred at the Club.


Parents will
• Accept the terms and conditions of membership on behalf of their child(ren)
• Provide all the information requested and update this information as necessary
• Fully cooperate with the Company and the Club in the operation of all procedures designed to ensure the safety and well being of junior members and protect the proper interests of adult members
• Take responsibility for the behaviour and actions of their child(ren) while using the facilities of the club
• Actively support the work of the Junior Organiser and other volunteers in arranging golfing events and activities for the Junior Section

Children will
• Ensure that they register appropriately when arriving and leaving the premises or course. The onus is on the child to record their arrival and departure from the course. However, if a child inadvertently forgets to record their departure from the club it is acceptable for them to telephone the club reception and to ask the Duty Manager to record their departure on their behalf. Repeated failure to abide by these may eventually lead to a suspension of membership of the course and of the club.
• Be aware that they can refer to the Duty Manager or known officers of the Club if a situation arises where they feel unsafe or threatened
• Be aware of their own responsibilities and act on them appropriate to their age
• Learn the rules, the etiquette and the positive aspects of the game of golf
• Treat members, officers of the Club and employees of the Company with respect and courtesy

Golf Buggies


The purpose of this document is to establish a standard for the safe operation of all buggies

operated at the Club. The document also sets down the criteria to be applied and conditions to be met when the Club considers applicat ions for their use either from Members or members

of the public wishing to use their own at the Club.


Any person who chooses to operate a buggy on the golf course is deemed by so doing, to

have the knowledge, training and skill to safely operate this vehicle and be fully accountable for their actions and the consequences thereof. The safe operation of buggies on the course requires care and adherence to the minimum standard prescribed by this policy. Buggies must be operated in accordance with the requirements of the following instructions:

General Use

You must follow written and/or verbal instructions where the buggies may or may not travel. Buggies can only be used for a maximum of two persons and two sets of golf clubs.

Use in General Play and Competitions

Buggies may be used during general, closed and open competitions unless stated.

Golf Buggy Safety Policy

The Club has a duty of care to all users of the golf course. The topography of certain areas of

the course is such that caution and prudence must be shown by the user of a buggy. It is also necessary for the Club to provide adequately safe means of access for all golfers including those given permission to use buggies. Moreover, the Club has to ensure the safety of golfers who do not wish to use buggies, but who might be at risk from a mechanically defective buggy or its careless use.

To assist the safe employment of buggies all potential users (members and visitors) shall comply with the following conditions:

Buggies on Horsley Lodge Golf Club property are only for the use of members and visitors. Buggies must be operated with the utmost courtesy, care and consideration for the safety and convenience of pedestrians. Pedestrians must be afforded the right-of way at all times.

Horsley Lodge Golf Club use Electric Powered Golf Buggies. Operation of these buggies is as follows:

Ignition Switch is located to the side front of the Steering Wheel. Turn to the Right to activate power. Behind your right leg, situated in a central position at the front of the seat unit is a Switch. This Switch has three positions – Reverse, Forward and Neutral (centre position). There are two pedals. The right pedal operates the accelerator and the left pedal operates the Brake and Parking Brake. Do not press both pedals at the same time. Use individually for accelerating and braking. The Parking Brake is operated as follows – You will see an additional pedal section at the top left of the brake pedal. Top apply the parking brake; press the pedal down whilst angling your foot to depress this smaller pedal. If applied correctly the whole pedal will remain down. To dis-engage the Parking Brake you gently press the Accelerator Pedal only.

The signs and instructions employed on the course to warn buggy riders of potential danger areas or, areas forbidden to buggies because of concerns about danger or, the potential to cause unacceptable wear and tear to the course, must be followed at all times.

Buggy operators will be responsible for the security of ignition keys for the period that the buggy is in their hire. Buggies are not permitted to be driven outside the boundary (including the practice range) of the Club and not to be taken on the Public Highway. The Club will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to any person or property if a buggy is driven outside the boundary of the Club. Horsley Lodge Golf Club has no responsibility for ensuring the safe operation of buggies beyond the confines of the course and the club car- parks other than those operated by their servants or agents.

Buggy Safe Working Practice


Buggy operators must not be under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs. Never allow

children to drive a buggy. Only persons aged 16 years and over that hold a current

Provisional or full Driving Licence for either a motorcycle or car may operate a buggy.

Before Use

All operators of buggies must sign a Hire Form before they are allowed to drive the buggy. New members to the Club and members renewing their membership will be considered to

have signed and understood the conditions of buggy use at Horsley Lodge Golf Club by signing their membership application and renewal form.

During Use

Ride-on buggies must not be used on the areas of the course where prohibitive signs are placed. The vehicle must not be driven on tees and greens. They are not to be driven within

thirty yards of the approach to the green. When approaching the green please drive the buggy into the rough and not on the closely mown greens surround.

The buggy should not be driven near or on the edge of ponds, streams and bunkers except when crossing designated points or bridges. Do not move off until the occupants are seated.

Always remain seated and hold on while the vehicle is in motion.

Hands, feet and head must be kept inside the buggy at all times while the vehicle is in motion.

Check the area behind the vehicle before reversing. Set the parking brake before leaving the vehicle. Always consider the terrain, existing vehicular and pedestrian traffic conditions as well as environmental factors that may affect your ability to operate the vehicle safely. Drive the vehicle only as fast as the terrain and safety considerations allow slowing down before corners. All turns must be executed at reduced speeds. Avoid sudden stops or changes of direction that may result in loss of control. Be extra careful when the course is wet and muddy.

After Use

When you have finished using the buggy please turn the operating key to the off position,

remove the key and engage the parking brake returning the key to Reception.

Key Points

Only the signatories may be in control of the Golf Car at any time.
The Club does not accept liability for damage or personal injury to any passenger, or other persons whilst the Golf Car is in the care or control of the hire/s.
The hire/s of the Golf Car shall be liable for any damage (including the Golf Car) or injury caused by negligent operation.
The Golf Cars shall only be used within the designated areas of the golf club.
The Golf Cars shall only be used to carry two persons and two golf bags maximum.
Immediately on completion of the rental period for the Golf Car shall be returned to the collection point and the key handed back to the Pro Shop.
Any damage or incident must be reported to an official of the club immediately.
No one under the age of 21 may hire or operate a buggy.
The hirer will adhere to any restrictions imposed by the club and follow the designated buggy route.


Due to disability, some members, visitors and guests may not be able to play golf without the help provided by a motorised ride-on buggy. The purpose of the below policy is to establish a standard for the safe operation of all ride-on buggies operated at Horsley Lodge GC. The policy also sets down the criteria to be applied and conditions to be met when the Club considers applications for buggy use:

Aim of Policy

1.1 This Policy is the Buggy Policy referred to in Horsley Lodge GC Course Policy Document. It sets out the circumstances in which golf buggies may be used in general play and events organised and managed by Horsley Lodge GC.

1.2 Horsley Lodge GC wishes to encourage the participation in golf of all players regardless of disabilities. This Policy is in accordance with Horsley Lodge GCs obligations under the Equality Act 2010.


2.1 “Disability” shall have the same meaning as the Equality Act 2010. A person has a disability if he/she has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his/her ability to carry out normal day to day activities.

2.2 Any reference to “golf buggy” shall include any vehicle deemed to be a golf buggy by Horsley Lodge LTD.

2.3 Any reference to “Committee” shall refer to Horsley Lodge GC Committee or the Horsley Lodge LTD Management which has responsibility for taking a decision on the use of a golf buggy and “member of the Committee” shall be construed accordingly.

2.4 “Valid medical confirmation of disability” shall mean a valid medical certificate from a registered general practitioner or consultant registered with the Health Professions Council that the player or caddie is suffering from a disability.

Persons who may use a golf buggy

3.1 It shall be a condition of any competition organised by Horsley Lodge GC that players must walk at all times during a stipulated round, unless permitted to use a golf buggy by a member of the Committee, in accordance with this policy. The penalty for a breach of this condition is detailed under the Specimen Condition on page 142 of the English edition of the 2012-15 Rules of Golf as published by R&A Rules Limited.

3.2 A golf buggy may be used by a player or caddie who can provide a valid current medical certificate of disability in accordance with this policy and has requested permission to use a golf buggy by the closing date for any competition they seek to enter or in which they seek to caddie. Where the disability prevents the player from driving the buggy, he/she may nominate a third party to drive the buggy for them who must be approved by the Committee in the event that permission is granted.

3.3 The Committee may not without good reasons refuse a request for permission to use a golf buggy if the criteria in paragraph 3.2 are met.

3.4 Where a player is under the age of 18 years and has met the criteria in paragraph 3.2, above, a member of the Committee shall reserve the right to specify that the golf buggy is driven by another person of that Committee member’s choice, in the event that a person having parental responsibility for the player is unable or not competent or qualified to do so.

3.5 In cases where a member of the Committee or an officer of Horsley Lodge GC refuses to permit the use of a golf buggy then they shall inform the player of the decision, the reasons for it, and the right to appeal this refusal to the Appeals Committee in accordance with this Policy.

Conditions in which use of a golf buggy may be permitted

4.1 Where a determination is made that the use of a buggy may be permitted by a player or where appropriate a caddie or third party to use a golf buggy, a member of the Committee shall have regard to the following additional health and safety considerations before granting approval:

(a) Any relevant weather conditions;
(b) The topography and ground conditions;
(c) The condition of and suitability of the golf buggy; and
(d) Any other relevant considerations which could impede the safe use of a golf buggy or impact on the safety of others.

4.2 In the event that a member of the Committee or an officer of Horsley Lodge GC believes that for reasons of health and safety a golf buggy should not be used by players, caddies or third parties at a particular time he/they may:

(a) Refuse to grant permission for the use of a golf buggy, and shall inform the player, caddie or third party of this decision; or

(b) Revoke any such permission in the event of new health and safety considerations having come to light since the granting of the initial permission to use a golf buggy;

4.3 It will in any event be a requirement of any player, caddie or other third party granted permission to use a buggy to complete and sign a Buggy Consent form in The Professional Shop prior to use.

Conditions for use of golf buggies

5.1 A player, caddie or other third party permitted to use a golf buggy must agree to the following terms and conditions of use:
(a) Any person operating a golf buggy must do so with the utmost courtesy, care and consideration for the safety and convenience of others and in accordance with any relevant golf buggy operating guidelines;

(b) The Committee may require that a golf buggy must not exceed walking pace and/or must not have a covered roof;

(c) A golf buggy shall be for the sole use of the player and his/her equipment, unless a member of the Committee has deemed that for reason of age or disability a third party is required to drive the golf buggy;

(d) A golf buggy must not impede or interfere with normal pedestrians or vehicular traffic flow on roadways, ramps and pavements;

(e) A player who has been granted permission to use a golf buggy (or any caddie or other third party who has been permitted to drive the golf buggy) must remain seated in the golf buggy at all times while the vehicle is in motion;

(f) Drivers of golf buggies must comply with directional signs and the detailed map found in the buggy for access to the 1st and 10th tees and not use prohibited areas including public highways and pavements;

(g) A player who has been granted permission to use a golf buggy (or any caddie or other third party who has been permitted to drive the golf buggy) must accept responsibility for any losses or injury sustained as a result of his or her fault whilst using a golf buggy

5.2 Failure to agree to the terms and conditions contained in clause 5.1 by signing a Buggy Policy Consent Form may result in the player, caddie or other third party being denied permission to use a golf buggy.

Appeals Procedure

6.1 Any decision by a Committee Member refusing a player or caddie permission to use a golf buggy may be appealed by the player or caddie to the Appeals Committee which shall comprise of three members of Horsley Lodge GC Committee.

6.2 An appeal shall be made in writing to the Appeals Committee within 5 working days of the date of the initial decision. Any written appeal request shall also include a statement by the player or caddie of the reasons why he/she is seeking to appeal the decision.

6.3 The Appeals Committee shall make a decision on an appeal and communicate it to the player or caddie within 10 working days of the initial appeal.

Whilst a buggy for a disabled golfer cannot be guaranteed, disabled golfers will be given priority when making such bookings. It should be stressed that more favourable treatment of a disabled person is not unlawful within the Act (S.13 (3)). However, as the law presently stands, a club is under no circumstances required to provide a buggy free of charge to a disabled golfer.

This is to certify that I/we have been instructed in, or am otherwise knowledgeable of, all operation procedures and safety precautions required in the operation of the Golf Car which I/we have been assigned. I/we hereby indemnify the club from any and all liability that may result from my/our operation of this car.

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